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Jun. 13th, 2010

sad bart in a corner


Sailor Moon manga! (almost complete!)

see it all here!Collapse )

Apr. 24th, 2009

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Peach Girl

I'm selling the following Peach Girl manga:

Peach Girl Volume 1 ($6 used)
Peach Girl Volume 2 ($6 used)
Peach Girl Volume 3 ($6 used)
Peach Girl Volume 4 ($6 used)
Peach Girl Volume 5 ($6 used)
Peach Girl Volume 6 ($6 used)
Peach Girl Volume 7 ($6 used)
Peach Girl Volume 8 ($6 used)
Peach Girl Volume 9 ($6 used)
Peach Girl Volume 10 ($6 used)
Peach Girl Volume 11 ($6 used)
Peach Girl Volume 12 ($6 used)
Peach Girl Volume 13 ($6 used)
Peach Girl Volume 14 ($6 used)
Peach Girl Volume 15 ($6 used)
Peach Girl Volume 16 ($6 used)
Peach Girl Volume 17 ($6 used)
Peach Girl Volume 18 ($6 used)

Shipping: $1.99 first item, Free for 2nd item (USA)
$11 for Canada and Mexico (up to 4 titles can be sent for $11)
$13 for International

Please see FAQ and my Feedback
sad bart in a corner



I'm selling the following NANA manga:

Nana Volume 1 ($10 new, $6 used)
Nana Volume 2 ($10 new, $6 used)
Nana Volume 3 ($10 new, $6 used)
Nana Volume 4 ($10 new, $6 used)
Nana Volume 5 ($10 new, $6 used)
Nana Volume 6 ($10 new, $6 used)
Nana Volume 7 ($10 new, $6 used)
Nana Volume 7.5 ($10 new, $6 used)
Nana Volume 8 ($10 new, $6 used)
Nana Volume 9 ($10 new, $6 used)
Nana Volume 10 ($10 new, $6 used)
Nana Volume 11 ($10 new, $6 used)
Nana Volume 12 ($10 new, $6 used)
Nana Volume 13 ($10 new, $6 used)
Nana Volume 14 ($10 new, $6 used)
Nana Volume 15 ($10 new, $6 used)
Nana Volume 16 ($10 new, $6 used)
Nana Volume 17 ($10 new, $6 used)
Nana Volume 18 ($10 new, $6 used)
Nana Volume 19 ($10 new)
Nana Volume 20 ($10 new)
Nana Volume 21 ($10 new)

Shipping: $1.99 first item, Free for 2nd item (USA)
$11 for Canada and Mexico (up to 4 titles can be sent for $11)
$13 for International

Please see FAQ and my Feedback

Apr. 17th, 2009

sad bart in a corner


Sailor Moon

this is where I sell all of my Sailor Moon items.

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Thank you for leaving me feedback!

To make it easier on others, Please leave a +, |, or - on your comment title, and whatever you want in your comments.

+ = POSITIVE (i.e. gave me tracking, I got it)
| = NEUTRAL (i.e. we fought over something, but I got the item)
- = NEGATIVE (i.e. witch took my money and didn't refund! :( )

you get the picture! ^____^
sad bart in a corner




Welcome to japanitems. My name is Massiel Emmy Caceres (that's my REAL name) and this is where I sell the Japanese items I have accumulated over the years. If its listed as BRAND NEW, chances are that it is still shrink-wrap in its original packaging. If its USED, mostly likely I have only read it once or twice, and it is in book shelf condition (the cover may show use but all the pages are nice and clean)

How do you ship your item?
If a item is 5 oz or near that range, it will go first class unless you are in a hurry and want Priority (1-3 days). First Class typically takes 3-5 business days (sometimes up to 7 on a very bad week). I will ship Media mail which takes a bit longer if what you order is heavy.

Where do you ship your item?
I ship everywhere (Continental USA, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Europe, and anywhere else USPS priority mail is accepted) Please note that if I ship internationally (I live in NYC), it will be shipped using Priority mail. The cost varies but as a general rule it is cheaper to ship to Canada and Mexico than to ship to France or Germany.

How do I have proof you ship my items?
All mail (regardless if its First-Class or Media) will be shipped with a tracking number so you know where you're package is at all times. If you live Internationally, I am required to fill out a customs form. Don't worry, I will mark it off as "gift". The customs number is your proof of mailing.

What forms of payments do you accept?
I accept Google Checkout, Paypal, Money Orders (USA-only), and concealed cash (in USA currency). I'm not responsible if your concealed cash gets lost so if you are worried, its prob. better you use one of the other options.

Where can I leave you feedback? How much feedback do you have?
You can leave feedback here. If you are really worried about the transaction, I can set up a Amazon, Ebay, Bonanzle, or Ecrater auction/listing for you (additional fee depending on venue you pick). I can therefore leave you feedback in those venues if you wish. Last time this F.A.Q. was updated (April 24th 2009), My Ebay feedback score is 80, 100% positive.

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